Q. Oh no! My access is blocked!

A. Do you block cookies in your browser? If so, this might be an issue with your cookies. This is easy to fix. Just add https://members.diymfa.com to the exception list for your browser and that should solve the problem going forward.

Now all you need to do is reset your cookies. Depending on what browser you use, these steps may vary, but here are for resetting your cookies in Chrome.

1) In Chrome, when on the https://members.diymfa.com site, hit F12 then right-click the refresh button and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload

2) Next, login to the site here: https://members.diymfa.com/login 

3) Finally, visit the course page and select the module you want to access.

NOTE: Depending on how your browser is set up, it may revert to its old cookies settings at certain times (like if you install an update). If you find yourself unable to access a module you were able to access before, just do these quick steps again.

Q. Help! I can’t log in!

A. Did you just get an error message saying you’ve been blocked?

When you accidentally mis-enter your password or login a few times in a row, the server will automatically lock you out of the site. This protects our community from spammers and hackers, but sometimes… alas… one of our own temporarily gets the boot.

In the event that this happens to you, remember that you are in good company. Even Gabriela has been known to get locked out on occasion (and she RUNS the site, for heavens sake!). It’s an automated thing that’s there for our protection.

Just send an email to support [at] DIYMFA [dot] com and we’ll get you back in business in no time. To expedite the process, do a quick screenshot of the error message you’re seeing and make sure to mention what browser and operating system (Mac or PC) you’re using.

As they say in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

DON’T PANIC. And don’t forget to bring your towel.

Q. What are those icons under the videos?

A. The icons under the video lessons in DIY MFA courses allow you to download all of the materials that go with that video. To know what each button means, use the key below: