Prompt 2: The Protagonist

Identify the protagonist.

  • Who is actually telling the story?
  • Which character’s story do you want to follow?
  • What type of character is the protagonist?
  • What does this character want?

From here, you can identify your character’s Storytelling Superpower archetype. This is important because it determines the way this character navigates their world or a particular situation. Head over to the Facebook group and tell us about your protagonist in the thread for this prompt.

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Storytelling Superpower Matrix

In order to figure out a character’s Storytelling Superpower archetype, you need to know the answer to two questions.

  1. What type of character is your protagonist? Are they an average Joe/Jane who needs to rise to the occasion and do something extraordinary? Or are they a larger-than-life hero who needs to show some vulnerability?
  2. What is the character’s deepest desire? Does this desire stem from wanting to change something in themselves, their surroundings or the world at large? Or is this desire rooted in preservation?

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