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If you’re reading this page, it means you’re awesome.

You are an intrepid, super-motivated word nerd, committed to reaching your creative goals. You also know that to get the results you want from your writing and see your book out in the world, you can’t go it alone. This is why I’ve created the DIY MFA Members HUB.

This online community will give you the resources you need so you can improve your skills, polish your manuscript, and build your author platform so you can finally get published.

Whether you’ve taken every DIY MFA program we’ve ever created, or you’ve just started dipping your toe in the community, you’ve shown that you’re committed to your writing education. And because you are just that awesome, I’m extending this special invitation for you to be part of this new DIY MFA program.

Over the years of running our courses, students have told me that they missed DIY MFA when we were between sessions. They wanted a way to stay connected with each other and with me, even when class wasn’t in session.

Why the HUB?

As with every piece of feedback we get from the word nerd community, my team and I listened closely. We started brainstorming solutions and after more than two years of planning, building, and testing, we’re finally ready to open the doors to this exciting, new area of DIY MFA.

If DIY MFA were a theme park, the HUB is like a whole new “land.” We’ve designed this membership program to supplement our signature programs DIY MFA 101 and Pixels to Platform (P2P). We’ve also baked in several community elements to create a space where word nerds can interact with me and each other, without depending on social networks, like Facebook.

You already know me as instigator of DIY MFA and word nerd in chief. Now let me give you a behind-the-scenes look at the HUB and why I created this program.

First and foremost, I wanted to create a safe online space where writers can interact with each other and share ideas. Until now, we have been relying on Facebook groups for online conversation but a fair number of word nerds have told me they don’t use Facebook. We need a community built on our own turf and not dependent on third party apps like Facebook or other social networks.

The big second consideration is that when courses aren’t in session I miss you guys! Maybe it’s just me being selfish, but I want to hang out with my word nerds all the time and not just when classes are in session. The HUB will make that happen. Each month, we’ll have a special HUB members-only Q&A call and a separate critique call.

The third big reason for starting the HUB is that the DIY MFA website has gotten HUGE! We have so many articles and podcasts over there, it can feel overwhelming. We need a space where I can share our juiciest resources—like webinars or the Thriller Summit from last summer—where these materials won’t get lost amid all the things happening on the main site.

The HUB combines all of the above. It will include discussion forums so we can have the same online conversations we get on Facebook, but make it accessible to everyone and not just folks on social media. We’ll have monthly calls to be more connected, and I’ll share exclusive resources that don’t appear on the main site.

If you’ve taken one of our signature programs like 101 or P2P, the HUB will help you keep the momentum going. And if you haven’t taken a class, the HUB will let you whet your appetite and it is also a great way to ramp up your writing without the big commitment of a full course.

Want an inside look?

Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes tour of the DIY MFA Members HUB.


What’s Included in the HUB:

As a member, you’ll get a login to the HUB website so you can access all the material anytime, anywhere. HUB resources include webinars, audio interviews, Q&A and critique calls with me, and more!


You’ll have access to the DIY MFA webinar library, including six pre-recorded webinars, the Storytelling Superpower video series, and any additional webinars we add to the archive. Each webinar comes with streaming video that you can watch right on the site, plus video and audio recordings, worksheets, and slides so you can digest the material in the way that’s best for you.


“Read with purpose” is perhaps the most overlooked—and also most rewarding—facet of DIY MFA. This is why my team and I have created the Story-of-the-Month library. We’ve selected various short stories, essays, and poems that showcase different DIY MFA techniques and we’ve combined them with appropriate worksheets so you can put those concepts into action. As with all areas of the HUB, we’ll continue to add new selections to this library, and each month I’ll spotlight one piece for discussion in the forums.

Office Hours

If you’re anything like me, you find face-to-face connections are so much more meaningful than online chats. Don’t get me wrong, online is great, but there’s something about making eye contact (even if it’s only via video chat) that makes the connection feel that much more personal. This is why we’ll have monthly group discussion calls, so you can ask me questions and make friends with other writers in the community.

Critique Calls

The critique calls offered as early-bird bonuses for our signature courses are by far the most popular aspects of those programs. Now with the HUB I’ll be able to extend those critique opportunities to more people. Each month I’ll select a handful of submissions and do a critique call similar to the ones I offer with our bigger courses. In the future, I may also invite guest experts such as agents, editors, and other book professionals to offer critiques.


The HUB also features an interview archive which will include recordings to our Writer Igniter Summits and other interview series we do in the future. You’ll get instant access to the recordings from the Writer Igniter: Thriller Summit from last summer and the Writer Igniter: Memoir Summit from this spring. My team and I will also continue adding more interviews over time. Right now we have a romance summit in the works, and we will house those recordings in the HUB after that summit occurs.


I think this is the most exciting feature in the HUB because it means we’re able to chat with each other online, but in a space that’s ours and not controlled by another social network. We’re still finalizing and making improvements, but a beta version is up and running and already we’ve got some great conversations going.

Writing can be a solitary exercise,
but you don’t have to go it alone.

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