7 Steps to a Stronger Story

Make your characters leap off the page with this on-demand webinar!


Whether you write epic fantasy or picture books, action-packed thrillers or literary fiction, your characters are the heart and soul of your story. This on-demand webinar is all about crafting compelling characters that jump off the page and captivate your readers. Using a simple, seven-step system, Gabriela will show you how to bring your characters to life so you can hook your readers and keep them turning pages.

With enticing visuals and dazzling diagrams, Gabriela streamlines the often complicated concept of character development. You’ll dig into the theory behind the various techniques in this workshop so you can understand why they work. You’ll also see practical examples so that you can apply these tools to your own project. After watching this webinar, you’ll have a seven-step plan to help you craft stories that will dazzle and delight your readers.

7 Steps to a Stronger Story

Riveting Reviews

I really got a lot out of this webinar. It clarified how to add the character details and the character compass will be very useful. The Storytelling Superpower is a great framework to keep in mind when working on characters and plot. Awesome! 

Cindy B.

Gabriela has a way of explaining concepts that is easy to follow. She almost always gives an example or two of her subject matter. The webinar is comprehensive and Gabriela is a delight!

Tammy L.