Writing a Romance from Beginning to End

Interview with Aliza Mann

In this Interview Aliza and Gabriela discuss:

  • How to set attainable goals for your writing, and why you need to.
  • The dangers of over researching, and knowing when to stop.
  • Strategies to help get your story back on track after you’ve gone down the rabbit hole.
  • Creating the most visual and entertaining “show” for your readers.
  • How to squeeze writing into your life in a way that works for you.

About Aliza Mann

Ever since she was a small child, Aliza Mann loved to tell stories. It started in the backyard of her family’s home in Atlanta, Georgia. There weren’t a lot of children in the neighborhood, so she would spend hours making up fantasy worlds where everything was perfect and everyone was loved. After her parents decided to relocate to Detroit, Michigan, things changed. In her new home, she learned words like recession, layoff and was personally introduced to a world completely opposite of the life she’d known.

As hard as life’s lessons can be, she busied herself by reading anything she could get her hands on. In high school, she would fall in love with literature and alas, romance. From the moment she opened the cover of a historical page turner, she found herself hooked. With eyes wide and a smile on her face, she devoured as many novels as she could find and she dreamed that she could write like that too. Maybe. Like most childhood dreams, she soon found that they could be pushed to the side and categorized with a label that read, ‘One day…’

One day finally came. She would again be confronted with some of the words of her youth—Aliza was being laid off. In the middle of searching for jobs and worrying over feeding her family, she gave herself permission to unpack the ‘one day’ box hiding in the back of her mind. And she sat down to write.

After many years away from her craft, she found herself to be a terrible writer. Her words were choppy and she fought with the mechanics of her stories. Like a godsend, she found her way to RWA and eventually, Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America. It was this group that helped her to grow and learn, eventually giving her the courage to keep trying.

Today, while it’s been some years since her last layoff and she is actively working in the public sector, she balances her love of writing a great story between two pseudo-adult children, a fabulous son-in-law, a granddaughter, and the man of her dreams. A true book nerd, she is almost always reading and for sure, writing the world in a way that shows its true beauty, served with a heaping side of happily ever after.

Aliza’s latest novel, Breaking His Rules, is now available.

To connect with Aliza check out her website at Alizamannauthor.com.

Breaking His Rules

An international playboy finds true love in a sexy new contemporary romance from Aliza Mann.

Ashton Lyle is a man in control. His rules are simple:


Hard work.

No deviation.

And lucky for him no one is able to resist his mega-watt smile, dazzling wit, sexy British accent, and ability to manipulate any situation in business . . . and in bed.

That is, until he meets a woman with rules of her own.

Terra Ellis is a self-made woman who knows what she wants.

A successful entrepreneur, she has worked hard to cultivate an impeccable image.

A tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband has reinforced her drive but it has also made her question serious relationships.

After all, a busy woman has no time for romance.

That is, until Terra meets a man who sees through her façade.

Ashton and Terra are about to discover that some rules were made to be broken. . .