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DIY MFA courses open for enrollment periodically throughout the year. 101 runs twice per year, in the spring and fall, and Pixels to Platform (P2P) opens to new students every summer.

The HUB is is a membership community and access is by invitation only. We open the program to new members a few times per year, but we only extend that invitation to people who are on the waiting list, have enrolled in our other signature courses, or who have been super-engaged in the DIY MFA community at large.

The DIY MFA book is a great way to get a feel for the curriculum before signing up for a more intensive program. Another way to get started is to sign up for our newsletter. You’ll receive a FREE DIY MFA Starter Kit, our every-other-week(-ish) newsletter Writer Fuel, plus other awesome resources we only share via email.

For more information on each course (or to get on the waiting list) click the icons below. If you have any questions, please email Team DIY MFA at courses [at] DIYMFA [dot] com.