Want to work at DIY MFA?

DIY MFA is seeking a part-time Operations Apprentice to post online content, sourcing social media, wrangling media assets, assist the Operations Maven with the technical sides of running the community. DIY MFA is an up-and-coming start-up based in New York City that provides a do-it-yourself alternative to a Master’s degree in writing. Our mission is to help writers get the knowledge without the college.

You’ll be joining our close-knit team, led by Creative Sorceress (Gabriela), Curriculum Unicorn (Jeanette), Operations Maven (Lori), Content Strategy Elf (Bess), and Community Gnome (Angela). This part-time position (5-8 hours per week) will include uploading content to the website, responding to customer technical issues, and supporting the core operations of the business.

The ideal candidate will be able to juggle multiple projects, is not afraid to learn new systems, has relentless attention to detail, and sticks to deadlines.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 5, 2020 at 11:59PM ET

This job is perfect for you if you…

  • Love the freedom and flexibility of working remotely.
  • Get excited when you’re working on many different projects.
  • Can manage your time efficiently when faced with administrative and technical tasks.
  • Are good at picking up skills on the fly and working with new tech tools.
  • Just can’t help double-checking all the details.
  • Want to be part of a dynamic team for the long haul.

This job is not for someone who…

  • Needs detailed direction on every single task.
  • Cannot follow stated deadlines.
  • Has trouble managing their time or juggling multiple projects.
  • Is only interested in the big picture and doesn’t find joy in the details.
  • Gets stressed out by new tech platforms or programs (e.g. WordPress, Google Drive, ConvertKit, etc.)
  • Wants to be in an office where they can hang out at the water cooler.
  • Takes their time to reply to service requests.
  • Is looking for a short-term gig that will be a stepping stone to their next job.

Why You Want to Work at DIY MFA

Whether you’re a weekend writer or already published, this is an ideal position for someone who wants to stay plugged into the book industry but also have steady freelance work. Plus, DIY MFA is a close-knit community, and many people have been members of the team for a long time. Here are some reasons why you’ll want to be part of it too!

  1. You’ll be helping writers reach for their dreams. At DIY MFA we believe that anyone can write a good story if they take time to build their skills. As part of the team, you’ll help develop programs and materials that will help writers make their dreams a reality.
  2. You’ll be in the room where it happens. DIY MFA is well-respected within the publishing industry. We work with professionals from across the book world, from publishing houses and agencies to literary and commercial magazines. As Admin Wizard, you’ll have the chance to connect with industry professionals as well.
  3. You’ll be working in a creative environment on a variety of projects. If we can say one thing for sure, you will not get bored working at DIY MFA. Not only will you be working on many different kinds of projects, you will also have the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table.
  4. You’ll have a lot of autonomy and flexible hours. Night owl or early bird, whenever you like to do your work is fine by us, as long as it’s done by the deadline. Also, we’re not big fans of stress, so we map out projects well ahead of time, giving you ample opportunity to get things done in advance.
  5. You’ll be part of the DIY MFA family, not just a team of workers. At DIY MFA we are a team of writers and you’ll get to be part of this dynamic and supportive author community. We are not just a group of co-workers; we are word nerds.
  6. You’ll have a lot of fun! Not for nothing, but there are a reason members of our team stick around as long as they do. We work hard and we have fun doing it!

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for a freelancer who can dedicate 5-8 hours per week to DIY MFA. This person needs to be flexible in their work schedule because some duties are time-sensitive and must be completed within 24-48 hours of the request.

As a primary assistant to the Operations Maven, you will provide support in keeping the various “lands” of DIY MFA running. This could be prepping materials and pages behind the scenes, uploading site content, gathering materials for social media posts, and assisting other core team members as necessary.

During certain times of the year, DIY MFA launches its flagship programs: DIY MFA 101 and Pixels to Platform (P2P), and the Members HUB. These launches can get hectic and the hours may be longer and may extend past business hours or into the weekend. Keep in mind that launch timing is determined well in advance, so you can arrange your schedule beforehand.


Some of the duties you may be asked to perform will include (but are not limited to):

  • Attend weekly online meetings with the DIY MFA team
  • Format pre-written content into email broadcasts
  • Upload and manage content on video and audio hosting websites
  • Update or create WordPress pages and posts
  • Support publication of the DIY MFA podcast
  • Troubleshoot user issues
  • Manage and organize files within our online systems
  • Find interesting content for social media


DIY MFA is not an ordinary company. We are not particularly concerned with how many letters you have after your name, how many literary awards you’ve won, or a laundry list of jobs on your resume. Instead, we want to see how well you fit with our team and what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

Our requirements are simple. We want someone who:

  • Learns new skills quickly, but has the humility to ask for clarity when necessary.
  • Sees a need and objectively problem solves to successful completion.
  • Fully embodies our core company values: service, responsibility, and love.

Knowledge You’ll Gain

You will become familiar with our programs (101, P2P, Members HUB) as well as general DIY MFA content offerings (Webinars, Writer Igniter, Podcast, Articles) so that you may understand the culture of our community to help us improve and smooth our member experiences.

In assisting with the podcast and our program launches, you will also have the opportunity to connect with movers and shakers in the publishing industry. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to learn about publishing and make contacts in the book world.

In terms of tech experience, you will likely be asked to use a platform, website, or program that you have never worked with before. That’s okay! We do provide live and video training for the tasks we assign. We are here to support our Operations Apprentice until they feel confident and are able to do things on their own.

The programs listed below are ones that you will need to know how to use in order to complete your administrative tasks. We are really looking for someone who is familiar with these programs. But we can help you get up to speed if there’s some programs or aspects of these applications you haven’t worked with yet.

The key is you must be someone who can work with systems and tech intuitively and figure things out with some training and guidance. If you constantly feel confused by technology, even with training, this isn’t the position for you. 

Programs you’ll be using regularly: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office (Word & PowerPoint), ConvertKit, Zoom, and WordPress. Any other software or programs you’ll need to know we can teach you on the job.

Ready to Apply?

  1. Fill out this basic form first: Operations Apprentice Application
  2. Record a 90-second “Cover Letter” video telling us why you want to work with us and send us a link to view it on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also send us a standard written cover letter, but we highly recommend doing the video.
  3. Email your video link or cover letter, plus your resume to support@DIYMFA.com. For the resume, you have one page to impress us. Show us what you’ve got.
  4. So that we know you’re attentive to detail, use the secret subject line (“It takes a steady hand to play Operation!”) in your email to us.
  5. Make sure you include specific compensation requirements. Please keep in mind, this is an entry-level support role and we are a small business. So, send us your most reasonable “happy price”—the lowest rate at which you would still be happy doing this work.